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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Making sense of Obama's billion dollar hammer

You probably heard it by now: Obama has pledged a billion dollars to what my "beloved" BBC called "European security". The official name for this initiative is the "European Reassurance Initiative".  You see, Obama and the BBC apparently believe that Europeans are really terrified and that they believe that the Russian tanks might roll into Warsaw, Athens, Rome or Lisbon at any time.  The good news is that Uncle Sam is here to reassure them that he will let no such thing happen and that this additional 1 billion dollars will deter the Russian Bear.

Have you ever read something more ridiculous?

So what is really going on here?

There is a wonderful American expression which says that "to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail".  Well, to Obama, the EU and the Ukraine sure do look like nails because the only instrument the USA has used in its foreign policy for many decades now is a "hammer" composed of money and guns.  But let's backtrack for a second.

I submit that the US policy in Europe is nothing short of a total failure.  Not only has the US-instigated coup in the Ukraine turned into a full-spectrum disaster, but the latest elections in Europe clearly show that the European public is becoming more anti-EU and more anti-US.  In fact, since the EU is nothing more than a US instrument of colonial domination over Europe, being anti-EU is being anti-US.  Bernard-Henri Levi, the hyper-Zionist clown who fancies himself a "philosopher" and who is the darling of the European elites, once said that "anti-Americanism is a metaphor for anti-Semitism".  To paraphrase him I would say that "anti-Europeanism is a metaphor for anti-Americanism" (at least if by "Europe" we understand that trans-national horror known as the EU and not the "Europe of the fatherlands" which de Gaulle, a true patriot of France and Europe, had called for).  And the folks in DC understand that too, they are not stupid.  Worse of all for them, time is running out and the situation on the ground is getting worse and worse not by the day, but by the hour.  France, in particular, might explode literally any day.

But the real problem is not in Europe or in the Ukraine, it is in the USA.  The US leadership, clearly intoxicated on imperial hubris and 1% class arrogance, has simply forgotten Bismark's motto that "politics is the art of the possible" and this is why instead of seeking some kind of best possible compromise leading to the best possible outcome, they are holding on with a desperate death-grip to an impossible outcome: a Europe run by the EU and a unitary state of Banderastan on the border with Russia.  That ain't gonna happen, of course.  In fact, the harder the US pushes for such an outcome, the less likely it is to ever become reality.  No need to read Hegel to understand that - a quick look at the recent events in Europe clearly shows that the AngloZionist imperial design for the ATTU (Atlantic to the Ural) zone is going nowhere and will end up in an embarrassing meltdown.

Faced with this prospect, the White House does what the French call "fuite en avant" ("fleeing forward" if you want, or "advancing even faster into the quicksands").  The Russians did not take the Ukrainian bait?  Fine - we will pretend like they did anyway and "reassure" the Europeans by declaring that "the security of America's European allies is sacrosanct" with enough gravitas to hopefully make them believe that they are really threatened. The neo-Nazi junta has just engaged in yet another massacre in the east? No problem, we will simply praise the regime for its restraint and "democratic nature".  The EU leaders are having a panic attack over the latest elections?  No problem either, we will just give them a one billion dollar bribe to show them that we will stand by them no matter what and regardless of whom those pesky Europeans might vote for the next time around.

Because, of course, this is what this billion dollar is all about.  It's just bribe money for the 1% in the US and the EU to be distributed amongst these plutocrats under the guise of "reassuring Europe".  In reality, the "European Reassurance Initiative" only serves to reassure the European elites and the Eurobureaucrats as they are the only ones who will truly benefit from it.  And were shall the money come from?  Well, hell, Uncle Sam can just create it out of thin air with a few keystrokes on the right computer.  And as long as the EU and the rest of the US-colonized planet continues to accept payments in dollars, they will be the ones really paying for this "EU plutocracy reassurance initiative".

You might retort that this is a stupid strategy which will only make things worse.  And you would be right.  But not in the very short term, which is really the only term which has ever mattered to capitalists anyway.  Besides, money and guns are the only two "policy instruments" the US elites understand, so why not throw some money at the issue and hope that guns will make the Empire look stronger?

It is as pathetic as it is immoral. The good news is that the AngloZionist Empire is really sabotaging itself and that it does so faster and better than any outside power could ever dream of.  And we are far from having seen the worst of it (just think of what a Hillary Presidency would look like!).

As for the people of Novorossia and Russia - they should keep their cool and realize that all this hot air blowing from the West is just that - hot air.  Yes, sometimes they *sound* scary, but that only because American politicians are the masters of make believe and that they are running what Chris Hedges so brilliantly called the "Empire of Illusions".  No matter what they say, the reality on the ground, in the real world, is that Kiev does not have any military option in the Donbass just like the AngloZionist Empire has no military option against Russia.  Yes, they can *pretend* like they have, but that does not make it so.

What we all should keep in mind is that neither money nor guns win wars.  Yes, they are important factors, but they cannot decide an outcome.  Willpower does.  The Americans, by the way, are quite aware of that.  The dumb ones really believe their own propaganda, but the smart ones know that the real purpose of the US "make believe propaganda" is not to really make it happen, but to demoralize the opponent and break down his will to resist.  The danger of that is that the moment your opponent really understands that he will immediately understand something else too: that your bark is far bigger than your bite.  This is what has happened with Hezbollah.

For years the AngloZionist propaganda has presented the IDF as some kind of elite, almost invincible, force (which they never were, as anybody who has trained with them knows).  And that myth of Israeli invincibility has literally paralyzed the entire Middle-East until Hezbollah challenged it.  As Robert Fisk reported in 2006 "while in the past the Lebanese would jump into their cars and drive north as soon as an Israeli attack was announced, now they would jump in their cars and drive south".  That "switch" in the mind of the Lebanese is what really defeated the IDF in 2006, not some kind of Hezbollah super-weapon.

What does this mean for Novorossia?

It means that the people of Novorossia must truly believe in themselves and stop hoping for a Russian intervention which is not going to happen, at least at this moment in time.  Let Obama shake his billion dollar hammer until he drops in exhaustion, but never let that distract you from a victory which is very much within your reach.  Yes, the massacres in Odessa, Mariupol, Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk and now Lugansk are disgusting atrocities which cannot be forgiven or forgotten, but they are not on the same scale as the horrors of WWII and yet the Russian people eventually also won that war.

Lies and terror have the exact same purpose: to defeat the will of their target and we can expect a lot more lies and terror from the neo-Nazis in Kiev and from the AngloZionist Empire.  But if we take heed of Hezbollah's example in Lebanon and if we keep in mind that time is very much on our side, we will prevail, sooner rather than later.

The Saker


Anonymous said...

"And we are far from having seen the worst of it (just think of what a Hillary Presidency would will look like!)."

Lohmann said...

This is all nice and reasurring, but, like the MAD principle of nuclear deterrence, it assumes that all the actors involved are rational.

I fear that is not the case with those in power behind the AngloZionist throne. These rulers are the political versions of sociopaths, and are not burdened with a conscience, or sense of humanity, or the application of reason; they will not apply any brakes to their intention to follow through with their PNAC game plan.

The world is in the grip of their political pathology (what I call "vorocracy"), and it is a suicidal pathology that will lead to suicide -- their own, but not without taking the world down with it. ("Totalitarianism is quintessentially conservative. Fascism, on the other hand, involves a war machine. When fascism builds itself a totalitarian State, it is not in the sense of a State army taking power, but of a war machine taking over the State. A bizarre remark by Virilio puts us on the trail: in fascism, the State is far less totalitarian than it is suicidal." Deleuze & Guattari)

Their hubris, their rage, their insatiable hunger for MORE, for EVERYTHING, shuts down reason. Their craving is absolute, an immanent addiction of cosmic proportions. They cannot be reasoned with. They must win, at all costs, even if they die trying. They do not care how transparent their lies are, they don't care how many they need to kill to get what they want. They can only be stopped with the guillotine.

I pray that you're right and that I'm wrong... But you can't reason with sickness.

Anonymous said...

"What we all should keep in mind is that neither money nor guns win wars. Yes, they are important factors, but they cannot decide an outcome. Willpower does."

I thought air power won wars - and that is a big problem for Novorossiya.

Anonymous said...

Saker, I wish you would write something about martyrs. Martyrs are very much a part of Christianity. Christ himself was a martyr.

And today, in Ukraine, hundreds of people, on both sides (because the young men dying for the Junta are just as surely martyrs as the women and children being murdered on the other side), are being martyred in a struggle that I completely agree with you will be won, already has been won, by the East.

But to the martyr, does that make a difference?

Anonymous said...

I reply to Lohmann.

I do not think we are dealing with "their insatiable hunger for MORE".

I think we are dealing rather with a cornered animal. An animal that knows it is close to defeat.

30 British backbenchers voting to prevent Cameron from taking Britain to war in Syria.


The European elections.

A war-weary electorate in the U.S.

And more.

They, whoever they are, know that time is running out. They are not in, "Please pass the foie gras," mode.

They are in survival mode.

Anonymous said...

Saker, rhetoric does not win wars, go back to drawing board, and find some concrete way to help!!!

Debanjan said...

Dear Saker,

I think we are not in a position at this moment to take the formidable and redoubtable empire lightly.

It still has two very formidable weapons in it's war chest.

1. There are plenty of US-funded NGO-s all over the world (even in places like Russia and China and Europe) who misrepresent facts to the general public and carry forward the imperial propaganda.
2. Still most of the general public considers the US as the land of opportunity thanks to the reputation the US universities enjoy all over the world. The craze in India about getting a MBA degree from the US and getting a job in the Silicon valley is huge and these people are the most entrenched opponents for continuing with the Dollar as the global reserve currency.

I fear the Empire will call on their NGO and fifth columns in Russia and China to create mayhem in these countries like they already did in Ukraine and Syria and Venezuela.

How do we tackle that ? I am eager for your expert views on this one.

Take care

Lohmann said...

Anonymous @ 15:51

Agreed. There's no contradiction here.

Being cornered heightens the fear, shuts down reason even more. Yes, they're definitely in survival mode, and they know that, but their eyes are still fastened on the prize.

They want it all, and they're not going to go out without a bang -- if they can't have it, no one else can either.


@Anonymous:I thought air power won wars

Can you name a single war won by airpower?

@Anonymous:Saker, I wish you would write something about martyrs. Martyrs are very much a part of Christianity. Christ himself was a martyr.

I could and I probably should. But that would trigger a deluge of rage from some of my fellow-Orthodox Christians who have forgotten this basic reality. But yes, you are right. Time permitting, that depends largely on the war in the Ukraine, I will try to address this issue which, you are 100% correct, is central to the Orthodox and Russian ethos. As early as the 2nd century, the controversial but brilliant theologian Tertullian wrote "the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christianity". This is still true 18 centuries later, of course.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Kind regards,

The Saker

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the abdication of the Franco era monarch in Spain is a sign of the state of panic of the elites in the face of surging separatist and anti EU mood. The monarchy has decided to reinvent itself with a younger face before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

There is something I don't get. If you go to VKontakte,the Russian speaking countries main social network, it seems that most people still live a normal life in Donbas main cities without any reference to the war, even in Slaviansk.

Anonymous said...

re: air power

Well, Libya comes to mind. I was under the impression that Japan was leveled during WWII, so there was nothing left to fight with. And, would Germany have lost in WWII if they had had more factories underground so the air raids didn't cut off so many vital supplies?

Not trying to give you a hard time; just saying that air power should be awfully lethal once it goes to its logical US level of targeting all vital infrastructure. After all the hospitals, schools, water treatment facilities, government buildings, and food warehouses have been destroyed, a result that America would be happy with could come about. Then, the question would be who has won. This scenario would only come about with air dominance.

Celabelle DeCadix said...

Another great article, Saker.

Now, I'm considering the not-so-optimistic scenario. Like Lohman and others, I see the Anglo-Zionists as "mad dogs" who will stop at nothing in order to get what they want (total hegemony). I believe that this 1 billion dollars is but the next step towards a war with Russia, which, when sufficiently demonized, will be hit with "pre-emptive" nuclear strikes and brought to heel. At least, that's their plan.

But as Saker pointed out, on the other hand, things are unraveling. Now, how can we help with the unraveling? I, for one, plan to add Saker's blog address as a "signature" on my emails, and contact as many politicians as I can, as well as "presstitutes". Of course, there's always the good ol' fashioned talk with people, but so far I've found that around me no one is interested in discussing this (even if they want to talk politics, only domestic issues concern them). Any other ideas?

C Stegiel said...

The United States military does not serve the people of the United States but serves the Pentagon who serves the owners of the machinery of governance of the United States. Even as the EU is an oligarchy of governments serving the owners of the machinery of governance. The owners are to an extent faceless and to an extent not: Soros is quite visible but the strings pulling him are not. When the Plutocrats look East they see a reflection of their system writ small: Gazprom, MIC, plutocrats and strong men like Putin. The Ukraine war is a method of destabilizing Russia. The calculus is that profits matter more than hazy ideas of ethnic identity and further that after Yeltsin, Russia remains a resource colony of the Imperium headed by a corrupt Comprador class. Russia in their eyes loses in each scenario they have gamed. The miscalculation might be that they do not expect a war. In other words, the owners of the West assure themselves they alone have a monopoly on military engagement. No hand from Russia is strong enough to prevent the hammer coming down. We will see.


@Anonymous: Well, Libya comes to mind. I was under the impression that Japan was leveled during WWII, so there was nothing left to fight with. And, would Germany have lost in WWII if they had had more factories underground so the air raids didn't cut off so many vital supplies?

Libya: that was not a war, but a hijacked revolution in a country which had nothing to defend itself. Sort of like the EU/NATO version of Reagan's "glorious triumph" in Grenada.

Japan: the US fought the Japanese Navy only. The Army was in Manchuria, unscathed. What made Japan surrender what the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the destruction of the Japanese Army to Soviet forces in Manchuria.

Germany: the German industrial capacity was never destroyed. The Anglos engaged in a quasi-genocide of the German people in bombings which were worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the German industry never stopped producing. Germany was defeated by the Soviet military, not the Anglo Air Forces (just as the German Luftwaffe could not bomb the Brits into submission).

Wars won by airpower is just a propaganda myth. All wars are won by the grunt, the infantryman.

The Saker

Anonymous said...

Canadian said . . .

With regard to USSA relations to EU and Ukraine I believe the key factor over the long term will be the perception of these events not in the MSM but how they are seen by the non-aligned states, the states on the periphery who are not members of the EU. Places like Saudi Arabia.

Contemplate what they may be thinking. I am sure that they do not rely on the western media to provide information and will have their own highly developed sources.

What they see is a USSA which has invested $5 billion over in destabilization operations. A USSA which feels free to publicly rebuke is claimed sloe allies - "Fuck the EU." A USSA which is supported by a NSA who monitors everyone and everything. If Edgar Hoover was thought to maintain his position of power due to the dirt he had on everyone,image what NSA can achieve with a record of all of your activities.

And this USSA is clearly supported by a compliant MSM which do not give two hoots about morals, or ethics, or the conventions of nation state interaction, or subjecting ordinary citizens to military force.

My bet is that a lot of these nations are observing what is occurring in Ukraine and coming to the conclusion "Them today. My country next."

The result will be to drive most nations away from any dealings with either the USSA and the EU, and to seek closer ties with the nascent Sino-Russian accommodation.

In essence, Obama, and the current elites are signing the death warrant for the USSA. By their thuggery shall you know them. And no one seeks to befriend a thug.

His Majesty said...

Saker, this is your best piece in a while, minus the unwarranted but unfailing insertion of "neo-Nazis" - as if it's not a Jewish operation from head to tail - and the undeserved praise for narcissist De Gaulle. And Hillary/Obama/Soros' grandmother = makes no difference to US policy.

Anonymous said...

Just read commentary from Paul Craig Roberts about the "first strike" nuclear agenda the Empire is constructing. Neocons sincerely believe that a nuclear conflict is winnable and are preparing to launch first strike
capability against Russia and/or China. They believe that an anti-ballistic shield will prevent retaliatory strikes from Russia after we've launched our ABM's. Roberts posits this is the reason for the encirclement of Russia with ABM installations and inflated military presence in the NATO vassal states. Its a defensive measure after nukes fly off.

Auslander said...

Very informative, Saker, and very true. All is laid out concisely and easy to follow.

As for the Allied air power in the west, the years of in essence terror bombing barely affected the German industrial output. When someone finally pulled Bomber Harris' head out of his bumm (with the notable exception of Dresden) and advised him to go for the POL and transportation networks the war was essentially over in 3 months. There was still a lot of fighting to do but it doesn't matter what you build or how many, it matters if you can deliver it to where it's needed. Another massive affect of the transportation disruption was it dramatically affected industrial output in that the masses of subcontracted parts could not be delivered to the assembly factories. Case in point. The production total for Tiger B, aka Konig Tiger, was 479 (or close, don't feel like looking it up at the moment). However, the actual hulls, turrets and main guns were ready to go for another almost 500. The rest of the thousands of small and large parts and assemblies simply could not be delivered from the transportation disruptions.

That being said, not matter what you do, no matter how much you bomb or how much arty you paste a given piece of real estate with, in the end it's the poor sod with his boots in the mud and his bayonet on his weapon who has to go to the other poor sod on the other side and pry him out of his fighting pit. A lot always survive and you gotta fight 'em.

Anonymous said...

We are all martyrs. Jefferson said "...the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants..." Notice he said "patriots AND tyrants". Good and evil. It's all part of the churning -- the quickening -- that's unfolding right before us. None will escape the effects. And that's the way it works. AGS

Anonymous said...

"I thought air power won wars - and that is a big problem for Novorossiya."

Do you remember Vietnam?

Surface to air missile technology has made air power last centuries story. Notice the USA never attacks any country with missile technology, including Iran.

His Majesty said...

"European Reassurance Initiative"

More like Oligarch Reassurance Initiative.

Anonymous said...

There may be some valid disagreements with what ou say (I dont' know) but I do believe the important thing is, incredibly, our attitudes make much more idfference than we've been led t believe (by the AngloZionists who teach us such things, to keep us disempowered.)

Just wanted to express my support and gratitude for your outlook.

-Ann P

Crossvader said...

I am pretty sure that Russian intervention will happen, but Putin wants to be accused of "waiting too long" instead of "spoiling for a fight", or even worse, "killing innocent Ukrainian boys".
If Putin sits it out and Novorossiia dispappears, nothing will save his sorry ass. He'll be the most hated man in Russia, in addition to the West.
Whatever good he has done will be forgotten, and he will become a traitor on par with Gorbachov and Yeltsyn.

Anonymous said...

If the UN is a bust, and Russia won't/can't do it alone, what about a coalition of the willing? May be a chance for some elite Chinese and other and other troops to cut teeth against western-trained forces, in the west. This is what the new central asian alliance should be working towards.

Anonymous said...

i.e. Catherine

Dear all,
I hope you have seen Pepe Escobar's latest paper from St. Petersburgh, otherwise, you might do worse than read it. Here it is :

If anything, it shows that V. Putin and lots of others are not just sitting in their armchairs waiting for the rain to fall.

B.O.'s billion dollars bribe looks pitiful when you know what is really going on in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Usa prints bogus money to the tune of 86Billions per month since 2008 so what cost to usa for giving bogus funny dollar of 1 Billion?
Russiia and china are stupid not to have discarded dollar since 2008

Anonymous said...

Information regarding New Chinese silk road. The first link is info from China:

The second one is more detailed explanations, maps, and a little history:


вот так said...

I suspect that the $1 billion is for the kind things that Americans provide Israel's "al qaida" terrorists in Syria. A way to get more arms and covert "helpers" to their terrorists in the Ukraine.

Macon Richardson said...

re: air power

While it is the official propaganda of the United States Air Force that air power wins wars, most intelligent military theorists acknowledge that air power 'wins' nothing. The best air power can do is create chaos among civilian populations. It is essentially a terror weapon, nothing more.

Fact: Air power in Libya created chaos thereby allowing organized competing factions to capture and murder Gaddafi.

Fact: Even with all the saturation bombing of Germany in World War II, 70% of German industrial production still continued. Ask Comrade Stalin how important air power was. Soviet boots on the ground won that war, not hotdog air aces.

Fact: Air power had no impact on World War II against Japan. That war was won by two hideous atomic bomb attacks against Japanese civilians. Yes, the bombs were dropped from airplanes, but really! That's not the meaning of the term 'air power'.

Fact: Air power in Vietnam was a fiasco with the US losing over 3,000 assault helicopters fighting against little guys wearing flip-flops.

What wins wars is will! Ask the Russians; they know. They had and have more will in their little fingers than the entire US/NATO army in total.

keyhoti1 said...

I must say that your analyses are some of the finest I've ever seen Saker.

I wish I'd come across your blog sooner.

Macon Richardson said...

"Not with a bang but a whimper."

All this talk about American power is just playground chatter. The American government is so overwhelmed with corruption all the way from the White House to the local police cruiser that the only mantra to be heard is "What's in it for me?" And that, friends, is the prelude to implosion.

At another level is the various alphabet agencies' internecine wars. CIA holds back information from FBI and vice versa. ONI (naval intelligence) holds back from all others). ICE (immigration) holds back from DEA and vice versa. Edward Snowden said it best when he noted that instead of scanning for relevant information, NSA has built a massive haystack from which it is now trying to find a needle.

As to the "powers-that-be!" (fright exclamation point), that's such a motley crew of old-money mouth-breathers, morally, spiritually, intellectually and physically weak inheritors, go-go Wall Street hustlers, corporate drones, ideological freaks and psychopaths, they'll never get together on any topic except hoarding more wealth. They bet on winners, not losers. And for the reasons noted above, the US and it's puppet EU are hardly leading the pack.

Unfortunately for the human beings there, Ukraine is merely a side-show. While we should all be concerned with their well-being, as it stands today, Ukraine is not important geo-politically. Russia has retained her Crimea naval base; no one will be putting nuclear weapons in Ukraine; the US has once again shown it's complete ineptitude at foreign policy; the EU (Germany) is torn between the realpolitik of continuing a financially fruitful future with Russia (and China) and remaining an occupied country.

Absent some Strangeloveian screw-up (always a possibility), everything's coming up roses--except for the poor serf in North America.

Serfs-up! Unfortunately, no! The Americans are more servile than the English.

Leolo Lazone said...

"Khaganate of Nulands" (via Pepe Escobar)

Man From Atlan said...

What's a billion buy these days? If it's the Pentagon, not very much.

Man From Atlan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Saker, rhetoric does not win wars, go back to drawing board, and find some concrete way to help!!!

03 June, 2014 16:03

It does win wars. Takes time, but it does. How did the Vietnamese beat the Americans? The Americans gave up because their own people got tired of war.

Give it time, and, keep educating them. A million pens is a lot more powerful than a million guns these days.

Anonymous said...

re: air power

Well, living in Japan, the great air raids are widely viewed as having destroyed whatever industry was left. The Great Tokyo Air Raid is a bigger day on Tokyo TV than the atom bombing as far as I can tell - not even close, really. Hundreds of thousands died in a few days, too. So, yes, they could still put folks with bamboo poles in Okinawa, but it would be like the European colonialists with rifles against Australian aborigines.

As for Libya, well, Khadaffi had far more popularity than Assad, and overwhelming popularity in the Western half of the country, but nothing to counter the air war. There was less truth about Libya than there has been about the Ukraine in Western TV.

But, yes, grunts have to take the battle to the end, if there is an end. However, some are looking at Vietnam and saying air power didn't win. That is true, but what was the purpose of the war? The use of air power may have been about business interests, not actually defeating the Viet Cong. If that was the case, then we have to ask what the actual goals are in the Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

To further belabor the air power issue.

1: It is documented that German aircraft production reached its peak output in the final month of the war. The Luftwaffe lacked two critical items, fuel and experienced pilots. The first because Red Army had overrun the Romanian oil fields and the second because the Nazis were idiots.

2: There is a documentary somewhere on Youtube that discusses the politics behind the Japanese surrender. The Japanese War Cabinet met after the A-bombs were dropped and debated what to do. There hawks and doves in the cabinet. The hawks had the upper hand and insisted on continuing the war. Until the doves pointed out that if the Soviets, who were advancing down the island chain from Siberia, got to Tokyo first it was not likely the communists would allow them to retain the Emperor. They believed the Americans might. The Cabinet voted to accept the surrender terms.

3: The Exceptionalista Army not only lost so many helos that they went to great lengths to avoid admitting how many, but the almighty Air Force dropped more bomb tonnage on VietNam than on all the world in WW-II, and we still lost.

Air Power wins wars, just another one of those things we KNOW, that ain't so.

Anonymous said...

"It means that the people of Novorossia must truly believe in themselves and stop hoping for a Russian intervention which is not going to happen, at least at this moment in time."

Would you believe in Novorossiya if you were there? No money, inadequate weapons, a neighbor who wants to use you as a negotiating chip, and an enemy with strong support from the world's superpower. It doesn't seem like a fair fight. Of course, some of us would have emigrated to Russia a long time ago if we had been in their shoes.

Lucky mcgriff said...

@Anonymous:Saker, I wish you would write something about martyrs. Martyrs are very much a part of Christianity. Christ himself was a martyr.

I could and I probably should.

Please do Saker the us needs something on that line of inspiration, desperately! Thanks kindly from USA.

p.s. possibly could help people understand this = American politicians are the masters of make believe and that they are running what Chris Hedges so brilliantly called the "Empire of Illusions". No matter what they say... Your help in this would be greatly appreciated.

Leolo Lazone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Where-Wolf said...

Macon Richardson said...

Absent some Strangeloveian screw-up (always a possibility), everything's coming up roses--except for the poor serf in North America.

Fifty percent of the US population is on daily meds. The air, water and food are chemically and pharmaceutically soaked. Everyone and everything is continuously bombarded with fear inducing electro-magnetic radiation. The job of the media is to terrorize us into to submission.

You're assessment is accurate but I do not blame the serfs. They will not break free because it is impossible to do so. The Anglo-Zionist elites have made sure of it.

Two things must happen if we frogs are to escape the boiling water:

1 - The supply chain must collapse, depriving everyone of their drug and/or distraction of choice. Only when addictions are broken and people become hungry will we have a chance to turn the tables.

2 - The military must refuse to obey illegal orders and remove the crimminal intelligensia.

As unlikely as it is, we need to at least imagine the possibility and take steps to prepare for it.

I have one piece of practical advice for those of you who reside in the belly of the Anglo-Zionist Beast:

Question the people who enforce the system. Ask the soldiers, police, security, intel and other people you know if they will kill their own people for the benefit of a tiny minority of crimminals.

It's not good enough to sit back and wait for things to unravel. Yo have to participate in undoing the system in meaningful ways.

Ask them what they will do when things get ugly and remind them of their duty to serve and protect the people, not the parasites. Make them understand that you understand what is happening. Tell them you are watching and expect them to do the right thing when the time comes.

We have to recognize this is war and we are the targets. Either we start to think about wrecking their plans or they will surely destroy us.

Leolo Lazone said...
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Leolo Lazone said...

This is what Obomba's billion dollar hammer does:

"She died in ambulance car. Her daughter gave information in internet about that moment - they were talking on phone, mother came to building to check out info list of died Luhansk fighters near city that day (Luhansk is less then a half million inhabitants) and phone connection finished. Daughter was on a street too but on another place. I was watching video without sound and only till this moment, but as I heard on another video she asked people to call number ***** I guess she wanted to check out her daughter."

hardcore said...

"The supply chain must collapse, depriving everyone of their drug and/or distraction of choice. "

And deprived of food too!
How can one be so deeply retarded?
I suspect "The Plan" is to get rid of useless eaters through starvation rather than war because it is much cheaper and safer and doesn't destroy equipment, just ask Stalin and Mao.

Anonymous said...

"Wars won by airpower is just a propaganda myth. All wars are won by the grunt, the infantryman."

Not true. I have experienced one. The real enemy is hunger and cold, not the human (or mechanical) opponents. Grunts need food too.

On topic of nuclear warfare: IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. It is total nonsense.

Americans are ready to fight "to the last european", but they will never risk going so far as to get the Homeland into danger. Never.

As for the whole thing with false east-west dialectics - what we have here is just the fight between a one-headed and a two-headed eagle fraction of the globalists, not much more. None of those want OUR freedom or some better world. Fuck both the eastern and the western empires.

Anonymous said...


I have to disagree about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs. Yes, that's the official history. However, there's enough information that by that time Japan was ready to surrender under one condition, that the emperor is left in place. Well, eventually he was left in place.

There were two reasons to bomb civilian targets:
1. To test the effect of two different designs;
2. To show it to Soviet Union who is the master;

The bombing was one of the biggest crimes in history as it had no military purpose. A few American generals objected to the idea, but Truman went ahead anyway.

Look it up.

Ron Chapman said...


The Judaic (Anglo-US) Empire lies about everything.

It is not a fact that WWII was won against Japan by two hideous atomic bomb attacks against Japanese civilians. Japan was defeated long before that and tried desperately to get the US to accept its surrender. The US wanted to test its new Talmudic toy, advocated by Einstein, approved by Roosevelt, built by Oppenheimer and dropped by Harry S(o)lomon Truman on orders by Judaics. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were spared the fire bombing meted out to all other Japanese cities in order to have pristine targets for the “testing” of the Jews’ Hell

See eg: Japan in WWII: A Casualty of Usury? Was WWII Fought to make the World Safe for the Bankers? -

Was the Atomic Bombing of Japan Necessary? -

Why did Japan surrender? -

FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N. -

Was the US bombing of Nagasaki necessary to end WWII? -

The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945: The Untold Story. -

The Ultimatum that Gave Us Pearl Harbor. -

HARRY S. TRUMAN War Criminal. -


Why Hiroshima Was Destroyed The Detailed History Of An Infamous Er. -

Truman Lied, Hundreds of Thousands Died. -

The Great Hiroshima Cover-up. -

Bombs on Japan to April 1945.-

The Tokyo Fire Raids, 1945: The Japanese View. -

Unedited footage of the bombing of Nagasaki (silent). -

The Ultimatum that Gave Us Pearl Harbor. -

Nothing in our world is ever as it seems Pilgrims.


Anonymous said...

"remind them of their duty to serve and protect the people, not the parasites"

Sorry but it is just stupid. If you know how to properly read the law, it says quite clearly that it's "to serve subpoenas and fines and to protect the government".

Get a lawyer's dictionary and re-read your constitution, it might be quite an eye-opener.


@Anonymous: I wish crazyivan would improve his written English before mouthing off against other blogs.

You are absolutely correct, I rather amazed that you know about that as this fact has been buried by official historians. I learned about by sheer coincidence. Still, even if you are correct (and you are), this purely main military "device" or "branch" which gave the US such a strong bargaining position was the awesome power shown with nukes. Yes, even that was not enough to break the Japanese willpower who, for the sake for the Emperor, were willing to face even that, but if these nukes had not been dropped with the clear implied threat of more cities destroyed and more civilians quasi-genocided in the process, I doubt that the Japanese would even have been willing to discuss terms of possible surrender. Anyway, my point was that airpower did not win the war in the Pacific.


The Saker


@Anonymous:The real enemy is hunger and cold, not the human (or mechanical) opponents. Grunts need food too.

Ok. Add disease to the list too. But if not for the human on the other side, these would be far better manageable. Besides, the other guy feels them too, so we are back to willpower and not airpower.

Kind regards,

The Saker

Anonymous said...

There are People who think that the European Union can halve their Military Spending, and then spend some of that Money on the Unemployed.

There are some People who think that Nazi America and some in the European Union wants to split the European Union between the North and the South, and this is why the Euro and Austerity were Designed to make the North European Union Countries Dominate the rest of the European Union.

This is why Scotland, who knows what the Anglo-Americans are thinking want their Independence from Britain, because Scotland may want Britain to leave the European Union and join the Eurasian Customs Union.

President Barack Obama knows that there might be a Ukrainegate Investigation by the Tea Party before the next Election, along with calls for his Impeachment by the Tea Party.

This is why he wants Congress to be Responsible for wasting 1 Billion Dollars that America cannot afford, and so he wants the Republicans to take the blame for this, in order to cost the Republicans Votes at the midterm Elections.

There are Many People who think that the Euroskeptic Political Parties that won Parliamentary Seats should Prove that they want an Publicly Accountable European Union.

The First thing they can do is to Demand a Ukrainegate Enquiry, along with All of Evidence in Case Criminal Charges are to laid upon the Anti Democratic and Probably Criminal Organizations known as the European Commission, and the European Union.

They also need to begin a Website, and call it Ukrainegate, and do this in Every Language of Europe.

We have seen that Russia wants a United Nations Security Council Resolution on Ukraine.

There are Many People who think that any United Nations Security Council Resolution might include provisions for Autonomy for the Hungarians in the West of Ukraine.

This may persuade Britain and France to Reluctantly do the Right Thing as Europeans, but we know that America is not European, even though they are the Puppet Master of the European Union.

We know that Hungary is a NATO Member, and what if Hungary thinks it has a Responsibility to Protect Ethnic Hungarians.

This should not be seen as a land grab by Hungary, but Autonomy within a Federalized Ukraine is what the Hungarians in Ukraine may see as a good way to Avoid Racial Strife, which has been caused by Nazi American Evil Interference in Europe.

There are People who think that Autonomy for All of the Regions of Ukraine is what Ukraine needs, even if it is Temporary for an Unspecified time frame until things Improve.

There are People who think that there should be one United Nations Security Council Resolution on Autonomy for the Hungarians of Western Ukraine, and another United Nations Security Council Resolution for the rest of Ukraine.

The Dayton Peace Accords are a good Model for resolving the Conflict in Ukraine, and there must not be any time frames, because People are not trained animals, as Much as Euro-America thinks that are or that they should be, because Non Nazis have genuine concerns with regards to Nazis, which are entirely based on Reality, and Euro-America should want what the People of Ukraine want for a Peaceful Resolution of the Ukraine crisis, by following the Dayton Peace Accords Model for Ukraine.

The Only way to have a Post Racial America is to Impeach any President of Any Colour if it is Warranted, and Americans will Want to Know If they are Really living in a Post Racial America, and that is if they Indeed want a Post Racial America.

Even the Majority of Black and Coloured People Fully Understand that a Person's Colour does not grant them Immunity, because the World is Watching America.

Any Exemption for Criminals on the Basis of Colour could Infer that there could be the Suggestion of Certain Races needing Assistance and Concessions, because they may be considered as Inferior, and the Asians and the Indians and the Others are Watching America.

karlof1 said...

Lavrov has made some interesting remarks at a session of the Russian International Affairs Council. But when trying to view that website, I'm told it cannot be found via Internet Explorer even when using the Yandex search engine. I suspect censorship. Do other browsers have a similar problem?

G Mitchell said...

Saker - congratulations - you got mentioned by Mr Escobar in

Your work and others are slowly joining dots, and revealing a real picture, a picture hidden by MSM, for people all over the world curious enough to seek the truth.

Well done. I'm so glad I found your blog back in 2013


Mulga Mumblebrain said...

What that filthy moron Levy admitted with his typically inane comment was that Israel so controls the USA, politically and in business and the MSM, that being anti-American is being against Jewish property, hence against Jews themselves. God I'd like to see the evil buffoon face justice over his years of hate-mongering arrogance, his role in the destruction of Libya in particular.

Mulga Mumblebrain said...

Debanjan, Russia and China absolutely must expel every Western NGO without exception. Most, as far as I can see, practise a nauseating Western supremacism where they preach virtue to the primitives not blessed with 'Western values'. And many are rankly and openly subversive, identifying and recruiting, training and financing Fifth Columnists with loyalties to the West. And their agents within the country ought to be expelled so that they can live in their spiritual homelands, or be sent far into the countryside, but closely monitored, to do useful work, digging ditches and filling them in. Unless this occurs the two countries will suffer incessant subversion, until they are brought down.

Anonymous said...

Most acute sir, but I believe you might have added to the list of 'illusion-breakers' the Syrian Arab Army, which has reformed itself tactically right in the middle of the war launched against it by Amerika's usual suspects, and now stands prepared to take back its homeland.
The most significant factor in that has been, as you rightly say, the will and perseverance of the Syrian people. When Amerika threatened to bomb, Syria's preparedness to fight them even surprised their Russian defenders, so I'm told.

Paul E. "Marbux" Merrell, J.D. said...

Re: What wins wars--

It varies depending on the particular war. Air supremacy alone hasn't done it so far in any major war. World War II certainly tested the notion that overwhelming bombing of cities would produce a German surrender. It didn't. But at the same time, had it not been for long range air power closing the zone in the Atlantic where German submarines were safe, it would have been game over for the Brits because of supply ships' sinking.

With Japan, it took a combination or naval, air, and land forces to bring the Japanese government to its decision to surrender. Negotiations for that surrender were well under way at the point the atomic bombs were dropped. The only point left in the negotiations was whether the surrender would be unconditional or include a term protecting the Emperor. The A-bombs were not a major factor in the Japanese decision to surrender unconditionally. What moved them was the Soviet Union's entry into the war against Japan. It's now clearly established that Truman dropped those bombs not to shorten the war but as an intimidating message to the Soviets.

Viet Nam, it was unquestionably the prolonged guerrilla war (grunts) and massed troop attacks during the Tet Offensive in 1968 that convinced Lyndon Johnson that the war was unwinnable, aided by mass protests in the U.S. The Tet offensive proved to Johnson that his generals had been lying to him about enemy strength. The war dragged on for many years under Nixon's twin flags of "Peace with Honor" and "Vietnamization" of the fighting force. But all of us there knew from the day Johnson announced the first troop withdrawals that the South Vietnamese government would never survive the allied governments' departure.

In some wars, one side loses the political will to continue. In others, e.g., Germany, the fighting continues until the complete military defeat of one side.

There is no set formula how to win a war. Those who believe that wars are always won the same way are painfully often the ones who lose wars.

My "lesson learned" from 27 months in Viet Nam? When you find yourself part of an invading force in a foreign land fighting patriots, it's time for a reality check on your world view.

-- Paul E. "Marbux" Merrell, J.D.

Anonymous said...

@karlof1: I can open the link in Opera in Debian.

SG said...


You stated repeatedly in this article and others that it's the arrogance/stupidity of the US leaders that are damaging themselves in the long run, more so than any "enemy".
A question I have pondered before is, how can the top US leaders be this myopic? The people at the very top of the 1% MUST realize what they're doing? I am referring to the Brzinskis, Kissingers, and the folks in the CFR and Bilderbergers: the people whose decisions steer the direction of US foreign policy. At some point or another, these educated people must have looked at history just like the rest of us and seen the same story repeat itself over and over, that all great empires come to an end and often for the same reasons, one of these reasons being the leaders' incompetence accelerating its decilne. Even Obama must know this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for article

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing superb original commentaries. Your perspectives on world situation are incomparable.